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Title : Quick Recipes

Date : 03 Jun, 2007      Viewed : 17399 times

Here we mention few quick recipes. Usually these recipes does not take much time as well as teach you how you can save your time by preparing eveything in advance. Or if you have left anything from last night food. Just put them in freeze and make something new out of them next day.

1) If you have chapaties left from your last cooking. Just stre them covered in a freeze. Now heat 3 tsp full oil for 5 chapaties. Add 1 tsp Cumin Seeds in hot oil when they get splutter add 2 chopped tomatoes + 1 green chili + Coriander leaves + 1 small tsp salt + 1/2 tsp chilli powder + 1/4 tsp Tumeric Powder + 2 tsp coriander powder. While sirrng everything and when tomatoes gets soft mash them with spoon and add very lttle amuont of water to make little curry. when it comes to boil add chapaties cut into pieces (each chapati cut into 5-6 pieces ) . Now cook eveything till chapaties ges mixed and soft. If wanter need add little.Serve hot.

2) Egg Bread Upma : Heat oil 2 tsp. Add 2 choppes onion + 2 tomatoes + 1 green chili + Salt + chili Powder+ Tumeric powder . Now cook everything till tomatoes gets mashed. Now add raw 2 raw eggs and quickly stir them. now add fresh bread  ( Already churned or grinded in mixer ) and cook everything for 4 minutes and serve hot.

3) If you have left boiled potatoes or stored in freeze : peel them, mash them with some salt and chili powder + chopped onion nd fresh coriander leaves. Make a paste. Now apply on bread and serve as sandwich.

How to make daal of boiled potatoes.

Mash boiled potatoes with salt + tumeric + chilli powder . Add little amount of water whiles mashing until it gets like a thick curry. Now add chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves. Bring to the boil and erve hot wth chapati or rice.

How to make bread nice.

Cut the bread into 4 pieces like small square shape. Now heat 3 tsp oil. Add 2 chopped onions + 2 chopped tomatoes + 1 tsp salt + 1/2 tsp chili powder + 1/4 tsp tumerc powder. When tomatoes gets soft mash them vry well now ad bread pieces and fry them very well. Serve hot with grnished fresh corinder leaves.


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