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Title : beauty tips with spices

Date : 03 Jun, 2007      Viewed : 22021 times

a) For Dandruff : Fenugreek seeds made into a paste could be applied over the scalp. Leave it for an hour, then wash and dry. This could cure dandruff (Ref : "Natural Home Remedies got Common Ailments" - by H. K. Bakkhrup)

b) Application on the head helps the growth of hair and prevents hair fall.

c) Fenugreek seed flour is used as a poultice to inflamed parts and is applied on the skin as a cosmetic. (Ref: Indian Materia Medica - Dr. K. M. Nadkami

d) For Acne: A paste of Fenugreek leaves applied over the face over night before going to bed could help in preventing pimples and black heads.

e) For hair growth : Juice of  fresh onion for 15 minutes on scalp helps hair growth. 4 times in a week.

f) Face glow : 2 tsp full  Gram flour with 1/4 tsp tumeric and milk. Make a paste. Apply on face and keep message for 3 minutes and rinse.



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