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Specially prepared spices mixture some with medicinal values and are optimized according to different geographical locations.  Special and Simple to cook MV SPICES recipes in English, French, German and other languages to make you enjoy the same Indian taste and flavour in your kitchen with least experience of cooking.

Recommended in several International Travel Guide Books like LONELY PLANET INDIA,  LE GUIDE ROUTARD,   Indian A Hand Book,  Lonely Planet Nepal and many more.  See appreciation
Appreciated in Times of London,  French Magazine,  German News Website and some TV shows.

Because of reasonable price and quality MV Spices is loved by clients all over the world in countries like USA, CANADA, FRANCE, HOLLAND, GERMANY, ITALY. See it here

You can trust the name who has earned more love than money from more than 10, 000 travellers who have come to his shop.
See the memorable moments at my shop in Jodhpur India. People enjoying the special masala tea and saffron drink while listening my explanation. 
My product range contains many ready to use spices mixture like Tea Spices, different type of curries, fruit Spice, Cardamom,  Ginger, Black Pepper, Chili, Saffron and Saffron Tea Spices. 

1.   Select the spices you want from order here section.

2.   Click on the spices name to have more information about that spice/ Spice Mixture.

3.   Get your spices at your door step in between 1 to 2 weeks.

4.   Pay with travel cheque if you are satisfied.

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